Color:Mystery black ,Fashion white ,Dynamic red ,Stunning yellow ,Neon orange ,Light peach

Sizes:L 9 x W 3.6 xH 2.7 cm


1. The smooth shape/aseismatic design:
Which can maintain the stability of high-speed shooting produces the most sporty and best-in-class SBK event data recorder.
2. Portability & light:
The tiny size can cooperate with variety of outdoor tripods. The one-button design is suitable for any situation the user in; even if you are during the high-speed activity you can still catch the crucial sights.
3. The delicate shooting:
With the high pixel shooting quality combines with patented low light technique and advanced aseismatic design, SBK-SI enables you to capture key moment and create distinguished vision effect.
4. The accurate laser positioning system
The built-in light concentrated function can help user fix the center of the screen in time.
5. The built-in 720mAh lithium battery
The camera is equipped with functional battery which can support about 1hr of shooting HD video. (The video duration will depend on the condition of the spot.) If your power suddenly cut off, the camera will automatically save the latest memory and shut itself down.
6. SD card
Micro SD/Micro SDHC can support up to 32GB. We strongly suggest user uses outstanding brands’ SD cards.
7.Video playing
After transferring your video through USB cable. You can play your video on your devices. (Please copy your video to the devices before playing and better use GOM player. If you need to make some short clips, you can edit on YouTube.
8.Time lapse
The time interval of video can set as 2, 3 and 5 mins. The time lapse design helps you capture the moments you don’t want to miss.

To copes with the changeable situations, the camera is designed to install on variety of tripods.
With the waterproof charging equipments, user can record every moment even in the raining day.
Record a continuous video loop that overwrites itself until you press the shutter button to stop it and save.
11. Photo-taking
Switch to the camera mode, you can also catch the epic scenes even during the jolty skiing slope, challenging hill route and uneven road. 
12. 120?wide-angle lens
The light-sensitive lens can easily capture high quality film.


SBK-S1-Q&A_2.jpg SBK-S1-Q&A_3.jpg SBK-S1-Q&A_1.jpg SBK-1.06 J27 更新說明.jpg 速百克_S1_說明書_正面 .pdf 速百克_S1_說明書_反面.pdf SBK_S1_User Manual_01.png SBK_S1_User Manual_02.png SBK-1.19.K23-release.rar 更新軟體-注意.jpg S 1 日文說明書.pdf

Technical Note